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It is pretty interesting to see how some people find Craigslist. You wouldn’t think so, but Craigslist Tampa Bay is a popular search term for those looking for the world’s largest classifieds website and all the great bargains you can find there.

I’m wondering exactly why people even use the term Tampa Bay? Did you know that no one actually lives there? Do you know why? That’s right, because it’s water. We’re talking about the bay here, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by the wet salty stuff for as far as you can see. No one is driving around looking for cars and trucks, garage sales, real estate, baby clothes, bikes, deals on antiques and all the other stuff you’d find on Craigslist in Tampa, because no one lives in the water…except the fishy type creatures.

Regardless of the odd terminology here, people still find all kinds of bargains on Craigslist Tampa Bay. I mean, it’s crazy traffic on Craigslist no doubt. Take the garage sales listings for instance. as of 7:30 this morning (approximately the time this got posted) there are already listings for 89 garage sales for crying out loud, 89 of them. It’s 7:30 in the morning and people are already doing their crazy thing on Craigslist. What’s even more crazy is that some of these garage sales are happening on Christmas Eve. I guess people still look for that once in a lifetime antique find that nobody knows about, or is thinking about throwing out, even on Christmas Eve.

However, if you think Craigslist is busy now, just wait until after Christmas and all the junk that people didn’t want as a gift, such as that funky turtleneck sweater from grammy, shows up on the classified site. Hey, that’s probably a good thing though right? All that Christmas junk will finally find a good and rightful home.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas holidays and time off from working. Keep shopping Craigslist Tampa Bay for the best bargains you will find anywhere. Probably the best after Christmas shopping will be right here.

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  1. reynolds allen says:

    I want to list something for sale on craigs list, but can’t figure it out-help reynolds